“David Young is the most professional realtor I have ever had the pleasure to deal with. He knows the market inside and out, he knows how to get the most out of a house, he knows how to negotiate with other realtors and buyers, and best of all he has a great personality and is extremely easy to deal with. They don’t call him Mr. San Carlos for nothing.

I have sold and purchased a home with David and both times it was such an easy experience. The first home we sold was in 2010, he helped us get out of a then crashing market. David knows how to present a house properly to receive the maximum value. We immediately received 3 offers on our home and sold it within 30 days.

He helped us purchase a home in San Carlos in 2012 at the best possible price. For those of you that know the San Carlos market, its HOT to say the least. There were a total of 28 bids on the home and we priced ours just above to get the house but not over pay. We found out later there was an offer just 10k below ours whcih really made us feel good. With David the experience doesnt stop there. He knows everyone in the home repair/refresh business, he was able to help me find resource to restore the entire home in the amazingly short time of 3 weeks before we moved in. The house feels brand new. My wife and I joke that we did an extreme makeover on our house in 3 weeks on our own.
Fast forward to 1.5 years later and our home has appreciated at least 400k over our intial purchase price, we owe it all to David.”

“David is great. He’s highly connected, very knowledgeable, cares about getting you into a home that you dream of. David is also very good about time frames when you need something done he gets right on it.”

“David took on a touch challenge to not only sell our house but also to be my mentor through a stressful period in my life. He had always been our favorite realtor in San Carlos, and now we know why!  We knew he was the right guy for a very tough job. He went way above and beyond!! His support and encouragement meant the world to us. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, David!”


“Working with David was a pleasure. He gives new meaning to full service. The process of selling and purchasing a home can be very stressful. It is nice to have a professional who can take care of anything that may come up.”

“David Young was extremely helpful in the sale of our property. With his guidance and assistance in preparing our house for market, as well as his market knowledge, I feel he helped us get 10% more for our property than other realtors we interviewed.”


“David did an excellent job for us.  He is a San Carlos expert and we feel that we got the best price possible for our home due to his network and market knowledge.  I would highly recommend David, he is the best.” – Angela D., San Carlos


“We were looking to buy a home in San Carlos and knew that David was the agent to use. He knows all the ins and outs of town and only showed us houses that fit our needs. He didn’t bother us with houses we wouldn’t want or push us to something we didn’t like. He listened to what we wanted and he found us a house that was in the perfect location that was not listed publicly. We would not have found our house without David’s experience and expertise in the San Carlos market.”  – Annika Fraser, San Carlos

“Gets the job done…Mr Young sold my property when no one else could. He has a team and support staff that shines. David is know for results and thats what he got for us. He is also always there for help on transactions just as advice. Any property on the Peninsula especially Palo Alto to Hillsborugh….he is your realtor.” Chris W., San Carlos

“Dave has sold and purchased a couple home for us. He always takes on the sale or looking for a new home on like a quest. We received a fantastic professionally written home description with the same level of photography. The sales brochures and advertising are all first class. Dave sold our home for more than we had anticipated, has a great personality and is fun to work with. We will call Dave again, perhaps sooner than later.” Christian Lewis, San Carlos

“Fortunately we live in a perfect world.  We found the perfect Real Estate Agent who found us the perfect house.  Thank you for everything, we have truly enjoyed working with you every step of the way.  You are the best.” – Dan & Anne Robinson, San Carlos



“We bought out first home in San Carlos through David Young. David was very responsive and helpful and I’m sure that we wouldn’t have been able to buy the house without his help. As we were first time home buyers, we weren’t very familiar with the area, or with the home buying process. David took the time to patiently explain everything we didn’t know about. When it came time to buying the house, he helped us put an offer in within just two days of seeing the house. He made sure that he had the house inspected by a contractor, and went over every inch of it with us personally to point out areas for improvement. He helped us get organized quickly and knew exactly what to bid to get the house in this competitive market. After the purchase, he was also available and able to assist us with contractors and referrals to anything we needed in the area. He’s clearly an expert and knows San Carlos housing in-and-out – I’d highly recommend him.” – Dmitry Chechik, San Carlos

“David is a true proffesional and has a complete knowledge of the business, the market and where your home fits in it. He has a very relaxed manor and a quiet confidence that puts you at ease during what can be a very stressful undertaking. His advice was spot on 100% of the time.

If you are thinking of buying or selling a home in the greater San Mateo area there is noone better.” –

Doug Lung



“We are sending your this letter to express our appreciation for the fantastic work you did in the marketing and sale of my mothers home. As soon as we did the paperwork, you took over all our work and headaches.  You used your substantial resources and experience to get the house cleaned out, repaired, staged and were holding an open house in 10 days.  We would have spent months doing the same work.  I would recommend you enthusiastically to anyone I know.  Thank you again for your great work and personal attention.”  -Ed and Denise Benger, selling of my mother’s home 2010



“David was the Sellers agent when I bought my house in 2008. When it came time for me to sell the house I contacted David to represent me in the sales transaction.  He does an excellent job and I would recommend him to anyone.” -Glenn W., seller in San Carlos


“David did an excellent job helping me sell my house. The task was not simple, as my house had been rented out for a number of years and was not in great shape. But David knew what to do and who to call upon to make the house shine.

Simply put, David was brilliant. He is personable, professional, and knowledgeable of the sales process, but most importantly he understands why people buy houses and what they are looking for when they buy a house. He will take your home and truly optimize its value.

It was a pleasure working with David, and I would have no hesitation in recommending him.” -Hughes, San Carlos Seller


“David Young was extremely helpful in the sale of our property.  With his guidence and financial assistance in preparing our house for market, as well as his market knowledge, I feel he helped us get 10% more for our property than other realtors we interviewed.  I would definetly recommend him.” -Jim & Lori S., San Carlos


“David Young is one of the best realtors in the Bay Area. He takes selling a home to a higher standard. He is a realtor with a designer’s eye; his advice on preparing our home was spot on as is his attention to detail.  His knowledge of the industry is apparent in every phase of the home selling process. David’s “bedside manner” kept me calm in the storm that selling a home can be. I think that his ability to deal with all sorts of different personalities sets him apart and he is a true professional with a caring heart.  I highly recommend David Young for your next real estate transaction!” – Laura Lung

“Thank you so much for taking the challenge to prepare my home for sale and succeeding so well. We knew you were the right guy for a very tough job. Your support and encouragement meant the world to me and I will never forget it.  You are a true professional.  Thank you.” – Marcy S., San Carlos Seller


“Very well done David.  Your professional approach was welcomed with outstretched arms.  We wanted to let you know that your presentation of our home was one of the best our Relocation Company had EVER seen.  They were passing around your marketing materials as an example of what excellence looked like.  Also, my Dad who has a critical comment about everything was impressed and that is a really big deal.  Good work and thank you again.” – Mark & Michelle, San Carlos Seller



So I say to my friend, “I’d like to do something nice for David to acknowledge how grateful I am for everything he has done for me. “She says, your chocolate-mint brownies”…So David here they are and please know that if I gave these brownies until my gratitude was expressed, you’d be as wide as you are tall.  Enjoy and Thank you.”  -Mary



“I’ve done  15 property transactions (sides) , working with a dozen different realtors, over the last 25 years, and haven’t met one that approaches David Young’s level of ability. Thanks to David, my expectations of “realtor added value” are very high, and since I moved out of San Carlos several years ago, I tend to be disappointed.

Aside from having a great eye, and feel for what people want to buy, he has a uncanny ability to “bring the deal together”, either from the listing or buying perspective. Having had several deals fall through over the past few years, I miss him.

I never ran into a situation where David was too busy to accommodate my needs, He makes time. He makes sure he is aware, and has usually toured, every property on the market in San Carlos. You can trust his judgement.” -Mike B.


“David is just the best real estate agent in the San Carlos / Belmont area, period. He is smart, fun to work with, and super knowledgeable. He get things done fast and super professional. I can’t wait to do more business with him.”  -Nicolas Bernadi


“Thank you again for the help with the new home.  It was really so much more than we could have asked for.  We are so glad we have your good councel to rely on.  Warmest Regards,  Seth and Lorna”


“David was fantastic at figuring out what our family needed and then finding exactly the right house. He negotiated the price point beautifully and helped my home be a great investment. I highly recommend David.” -Steven Fogel

“He gives 110% in making your deal happen. He is very fun to work with, has GREAT ideas about how to make your house sell for more than you think it is worth, and doesn’t over extend himself with too many properties. He makes you feel like you are #1 and makes your house look absolutely beautiful with his professional photography skills. I can’t wait to sell another house and use David.” -TM San Carlos, CA